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Animal Protection Research Prize awarded

On December 13, 2011, State Secretary Peter Bleser awarded the 30th Animal Protection Research Prize of the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection jointly to Dr Jörn-Hendrik Reuter, Head of Depart­ment at Beiersdorf and to Prof. Dr Claus-Michael Lehr, Dr Eva-Maria Collnot and Fransisca Leonard of the Helmholtz In­stitute for Pharmaceutical Research Saar­land and Saarland University.

The work of Prof. Lehr, Dr Coll­not and Ms Leonard on “Development and establishment of an in vitro model of the inflamed human intestinal mucosa” can replace animal experiments that are performed in biomedical and pharmaceu­tical research and development.

The cer­emony large took place at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Berlin, Germany. The prize is awarded every year to sup­port methodological work aiming to re­duce or replace animal experiments.


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