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The following products and services that build on the IPR created during the project will be commercialized by the partners.

  • Protocols to set up cell cultures to create viable biological tissue models of the intestine and other barriers within the body (SERVICE)

  • Protocols to determine Cytotox and inflammatory responses (SERVICE)

  • Data on biokinetics from in vivo studies (SERVICE)

  • Modular microfluidics based in vitro test system “InLiveTox System” including necessary protocols of how to use it in various applications (PRODUCT)

  • Improved microfabricated membranes for cell culture (PRODUCT)

The service offers could be available before the end of 2012. The Product offers are expected to take one to two years further development subsequent to the end of the project.

The InLiveTox system developed in this project has wider application than just the testing of response to NPs. It can be used as a testing and research tool in toxicology and pharmacology for any new chemical entity. Throughout the project there has been extensive dialogue with members of an Industrial Advisory Group whose from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and household products manufacturing industries