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Brief Description

ALMA Consulting Group SAS is an Operational Management Consulting Company of which the Innovation Department, settled both in Lyon and Paris in France, is specialised since 1994 in the engineering and coordination of collaborative, both national and international, R&D projects. ALMA Consulting Group owns a recognised expertise in the management of collaborative projects (since 5th FP) in the NMP thematic, taking in charge of the day-to-day (operational) project management. For close to fifteen years, ALMA Consulting Group, thanks to its collaboration with R&D consortia, has developed specific and original knowledge and methodologies in the management of partnerships to support them efficiently in the achievement of their objectives.        

Department involved


The Innovation Department consists of 300 employees (consultants and administrators) with graduated engineer and/or PhD background with complementary training in marketing, technology transfer and project management.        

Activities in the project


ALMA Consulting Group’s actions, based on its collaborative projects’ coordination experience, will be dedicated to day-to-day (operational) management of the project in WP7 (Project Management) including assisting to the Grant Agreement management activities. In particular, ALMA Consulting Group will participate in 1) the definition and follow-up of management policy, appropriate rules (through a consortium agreement or bilateral agreements), project progress indicators and project committees, 2) the communication policy between participants, animation of the consortium, maintenance of the intra-consortium internet platform, 3) the giving of advices on project strategic orientation with respect of the contractual aspects, objectives of the project and interests of the participants. Assistance “as neutral beneficiary” in decision making and conflict resolution, 4) the setting-up of technical, administrative and financial reports according to EC requirements. In WP6 (Dissemination, Exploitation and Knowledge Transfer) the activities of ALMA will include the creation of a Project Identity Set, external communication policy, and public internet site. A secured and customisable Internet Collaborative Platform ( will be used and adapted to the specificities of the InLiveTox project in order to enhance and optimise the communication within the consortium.       

Expertise in these activities / Previous experiences


In the FP6, ALMA Consulting Group has been involved in the coordination of more than 50 projects (17 Integrated Projects, 23 Strep, 10 SME projects) and is today beneficiary of 6 running FP7 projects. ALMA is also coordinating or participating in 6 Specific Support Actions mainly dedicated to support SME to be part of FP6/FP7 projects. ALMA Consulting Group is also involved in the setting-up and coordination of a number of national or trans-governmental projects (French AII/PISI and ANR, Eurêka and Eurostars programmes,…).   

Key people involved


Raffaella CATENA