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Project finished on 31 July 2012.
>> Final report available

Intestinal, Liver and Vascular Nanoparticle Toxicity

Development and evaluation of a novel tool for physiologically accurate data generation


Improving our ability to understand and assess the safety and toxicity of novel materials, particularly nanoparticles.


There is currently a high level of concern about the potential risks to health posed by novel substances, particularly nanoparticles. Governments and regulatory bodies are asked to set guidelines or controls that will help protect those involved in the manufacture or use of these materials. However, there are serious gaps in our understanding of the way such materials interact with the human body or the level of risk that exposure to them might involve.

This project aims to address these needs through improving our understanding and providing tools and assays that might form the basis of new testing methods for safety and toxicity without the use of animals.

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11 June 2012

InLiveTox Workshop on Monday 17 September 2012 and Tuesday 18 September 2012

Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) ,viale Regina Elena 299 ,Rome.

14 May 2012

InLiveTox will be at ESTIV2012

The European Society of Toxicology in Vitro 2012 International Congress, ESTIV2012, which will be...

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